Mediterranean Diet 101: Benefits, Drawbacks, Myths and More

3 months ago
Miriam Christie, MS, RD, LD, ABD

The Mediterranean diet emerges from the kind of foods eaten in countries situated along the Mediterranean Sea. These include France, Greece, Southern Italy, and Spain. The diet consists of whole foods such as beans, fish, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These foods provide the body with carbohydrates (for energy), protein…

Neem Oil for Hair and Skin: 9 Benefits and How to Use It

Neem is often referred to as Indian lilac as it is endemic to the Indian subcontinent, but its medicinal virtues…

3 months ago

Facial Tingling: Causes, Diagnosis, Natural Treatment

A sudden tingling sensation overtaking your hands, feet, or face is a fairly common complaint reported by people in the…

4 months ago

Depression 101 with Dr. Douglas Moll (Clinical Psychologist)

Is It Possible to Have Anxiety and Depression at the Same Time? Yes, it is not only possible but very…

4 months ago

Keto, Paleo, and Mediterranean: Choose the Best Diet for Your Body

While keeping a check on your portion sizes, following any healthy, balanced diet can help you achieve your desired weight,…

4 months ago

Forehead Wrinkles: How to Minimize and Reduce Their Appearance

There is no magic formula to turn back the clock on aging. As the years roll by, the steady onslaught…

4 months ago

All About the Keto Diet, How It Works and Should You Try It?

Everyone seems to be swept away by the wave of this latest dietary fad-the ketogenic diet. Although it has been…

4 months ago

Acupressure for Neck Pain: 4 Points to Try, Why It Works, and More

Pain, whether sensory or emotional, is an unpleasant or discomforting experience that is generally associated with potential or actual tissue…

5 months ago

Cluster Headache Relief: Tips and Remedies to Feel Better

Cluster headaches are a rare form of headaches that are marked by a debilitating one-sided pain. Cluster headaches derive their…

5 months ago

Pegan Diet 101: What to Eat and What to Avoid

The pegan diet is an eclectic eating plan that includes the healthiest elements of both the paleo diet and veganism.…

5 months ago

6 Benefits of Coconut Vinegar (+ Ways to Add it to Your Diet)

Apple cider vinegar is widely associated with a plethora of health benefits, but coconut vinegar is on the rise as…

5 months ago

Taro Roots: 9 Health Benefits and How to Consume

Taro plant is believed to be one of the first crops to be cultivated by humans and goes by many…

6 months ago
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