How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

Vaginal odor is a very common problem that most women have to deal with at least once or twice in their life.

Vaginal odor can be due to a number of reasons, such as bacterial growth, yeast infections, poor hygiene, hormonal changes, and sexually transmitted diseases.

If the problem is due to infection, there may be symptoms like redness, itching, burning and irritation in the vaginal area. A fishy odor down there, in particular, is caused by bacterial vaginosis.

No matter what the reason, vaginal odor can be very embarrassing. There are many natural remedies to help treat vaginal odor.

Here are the top 10 ways to get rid of vaginal odor.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, apple cider vinegar can be used to fight vaginal odor. In fact, taking a bath with apple cider vinegar is one of the simplest ways to get rid of the bad odor. This will help fight off the toxins and bacteria that cause vaginal odor. It will also help restore the acidic quality of the vaginal flora.

  • Mix two cups of apple cider vinegar in warm bath water. Soak in it for about 20 minutes. Follow this remedy several times a week to get quick results.
  • You can also drink a glass of water mixed with one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another ingredient that can be used to balance the pH level in your body. When the pH level is in balance, the problem of vaginal odor will dissipate.

  1. Add one-half cup of baking soda to your bathwater.
  2. Soak your lower body in it for about 20 minutes.
  3. Dry yourself thoroughly with a clean towel. This remedy will help fight a yeast infection and can help get rid of odor quickly.

3. Yogurt

Another good ingredient that can be used to treat vaginal odor is yogurt. Yogurt is rich in lactobacillus bacteria, which help fight candida infection (one of the most common causes of vaginal odor) and restore the normal vaginal pH level. Once the pH level is balanced, the vaginal odor will be gone.

  • Eat two cups of unsweetened, plain yogurt daily. You can also take probiotic supplements.
  • Another option is to soak a tampon in plain yogurt and insert it into your body. Leave it in for a few hours, and rinse the area thoroughly after removing the tampon.

4. White Vinegar

White vinegar has the power to neutralize odors by breaking down odor proteins. A white vinegar rinse will help eliminate vaginal odor. It will also help restore pH levels in the vagina.

  1. Mix one-half cup each of white vinegar and salt in lukewarm bath water.
  2. Soak in it for a few minutes.
  3. Follow this remedy several times a week.

5. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains strong antifungal as well as antiseptic properties, and thus it can be used to get rid of unpleasant vaginal odor. It will help get rid of bacteria that are contributing to the problem.

  • Add three drops of tea tree oil to a cup of water. Use this solution to rinse the affected area daily or several times a week.
  • Alternatively, dip a tampon in olive oil and then put a little tea tree oil on it. Insert the tampon and leave it in for at least one hour. Do this several times a week.

6. Garlic

Garlic is a natural antibiotic that can be great for dealing with vaginal infections as well as vaginal odor. The antifungal properties present in garlic will help fight a yeast infection and help your body get rid of bad bacteria.

  • Eat garlic in raw or cooked form on a daily basis. You can eat one or two raw garlic cloves on an empty stomach with a glass of warm water. You can also add garlic cloves or its paste to your dishes and salads.
  • Another option is to put a piece of garlic in the vagina for an hour or two. Do this daily or a few times a week until you get rid of the problem.

7. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is highly beneficial for women. When consumed on a regular basis, it helps balance the hormones and promotes regular menstrual cycles.

  • Soak one or two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in one cup of water before going to bed. The next morning, strain out the seeds and drink the water on an empty stomach.
  • You can also use fenugreek seeds to make herbal tea. To prepare this tea, boil one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water. Strain and drink it two times a day.

Note: Fenugreek can cause diarrhea and skin irritation. If you experience these effects, discontinue use of this remedy.

8. Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry, also known as amla, can be used to get rid of unpleasant vaginal odor. It is a kind of natural blood purifier and organic cleanser, hence it can control the infection that causes vaginal odor.

At the same time, this natural ingredient can also be used to control problematic leucorrhoea (thick vaginal discharge).

Simply eat Indian gooseberry daily, either raw or in other forms like pickles, amla powder, juice and so on.

9. Neem

Due to its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties, neem or Indian lilac can also be used to fight vaginal infections and get rid of vaginal odors.

  1. Boil a handful of neem leaves in a pan of water.
  2. Strain and allow it to cool.
  3. Use this solution to rinse the vaginal area daily for a few days or a week.

10. Citrus Fruits

Citrus foods can also help your body fight infections more effectively and prevent vaginal odor. Citrus foods are rich in vitamin C, an immune booster, and they can also help remove harmful toxins present in the body.

A strong immune system will allow your body to fight off the harmful bacteria that cause vaginal odor. These fruits will also help fight urinary tract infections.

Simply eat fruits such as grapes, oranges, sweet lime, lemons, cranberries, grapefruits, pineapples and so on.

Additional Tips

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush out toxins and harmful bacteria from the body. It will also help ward off a variety of health issues.
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates, caffeine and sugary drinks; sugar stimulates yeast production.
  • Check for possible signs of infection that could be causing this problem.
  • Maintain proper personal hygiene.
  • Wear 100 percent cotton panties that allow air circulation and help keep the vulva ventilated, thus avoiding excessive perspiration.
  • Change pads, tampons, and panty-liners frequently.
  • Avoid using scented products down there as they may contribute to unbalanced vaginal pH.
  • If the problem mostly occurs after intercourse then simply wash the vagina with mild soap and water after sex.
  • Practice safe sex.
  • At times, women simply do not like the normal vaginal odor caused by vaginal secretions. However, there is nothing bad about it, you just need to respect your body and embrace your natural odor.

If the problem is severe or does not get better with the home remedies then it is suggested to consult a doctor.


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  • В интеренете нашел авторитетный веб портал на тематику Виагра софт

    HELP! Okay ladies so ive been having sex a lot (same guy) daily and out of nowhere "My Cookie" started smelling like blood. my period havent started but so I shower after sex and theres no discharge it dont itch or burn i dont think its a infection but i dont know why this is happening or how to make it stop any ideas???

  • Comment:I'll say shower regularly and use mild soap and luke warm water to wash your vagina. change your panties every time you shower and use long lasting body spray I recommend any body spray for lasts well...don't spray the vagina please.

  • Hi ladies! Ive had bv for many years now. I tried everything from tea tree tampon,acv tampon and garlic insert! Those things ive tried didnt work it only made the discharge yellow and green with the foul fishy odor stronger with a very strong cheese like odor now! went to the obgyn and had an std check etc.Everthing came back negative.Except for BV! Does anybody have this problem?A green yellowish cheese like smell?If so anyone have advice or a natural cure that works?Its bad enough that I also suffer from BV. I feel embarrased and have trouble being around people fearing they really are smelling it too! Im 36 and im a food server.Im n constant worry that the customers can smell it too(some can)that its making me dread having to go to work. Please help the drs. dont know what to do. I cant stand to live this way any longer. Thank You

  • it's not my discharges that smell but my labia majora, that flower like where my clit is, it smells so bad, am very clean down there and eat healthy
    I clean after I pee but my vulva smells bad

  • I don't know what the problem is, I feel pains whenever I have sex, no matter the size of the penwis. I have yeast infections and now I can't take the odour myself because it's really bad. It's itchy and painful as well. I've started taking apple cider vinegar for the past 2 days now. I just hope I become normal again.

  • Use a wet wipe after using toilet paper. This really helps to get out all the bacteria that gets left in there after we pee. And shave because it reduces sweat
    also drink alot of water to rinse out your body of impurities.

  • First of all, I had read some comments on here that are very insensitve. Some of these people have only shared their stories with hopes that they can finally find a solution to a rather embarrasing problem. The solution is pretty simple for some and a complete lifestyle change for others. After college, I started dating on OB/Gyn and I was surprised since this was her field of expertise, that she would periodically have this same problem. She did the meds, creams and pills and still the order would come back.

    When we had sexual relations, we would use condoms without lubricant. So this was not a factor. So one day she just decided enough was enough and douched with a lite mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and distilled water and started taking hot baths rather than showers. Every other bath or so, she would mix Baking soda or Apple cider vinegar in with her bath water since it was a better alternative than constantly douching. I essance, it is was less invasive to sit in a hot tub for 20 mins than a constanly douching. She did it only the first time just to jump start the process and get things going.

    I immediately noticed a drastic difference after the first 3 days. Before, if I used the restroom inside of 30 mins after she did, i could smell her. After her clense and reverting back to bathing rather that always taking a shower made a solid difference. One thing she did notice was after sitting in a hot/warm tub of water for 30 minutes, she could shave her pubic hair down there much easier and not get razor bumps or in grown hair. (which also has a smell).

    Now, she has always been pretty athletic, drinks nothing but water and / or tea, has always eaten solid foods and has always stayed away from junk foods, canned foods, fatty meats and so on. She would always be eating Apples, Carrots, Celery sticks with peanut butter and then started making simple home made protein shakes for breakfast.

    She has always worked out at the gym and this helps release lactic acid which helps with the balance of vaginal flora.

    She still does this to this day. Point I am trying to make is she is an "Ideal model" of all that you are supposed to do, and still had the same problems as most of those posting here. In her case, changing to bathing rather than showering all the time, in culmination to what she already was doing ( Only water or tea, excercise, no junk food, more raw fruits and veggies) along with bathing in a tub.

    There were other things that she did that seemed to help like unscented fem wipes or washing after urination. This is just what I remember that she did and it worked like a charm.

    We are still friends today, and she is my wife's gyno as well as her friend. My wife has adopted alot from her, but not everything.....She has to work on the junk food part more. But she bathes with additive in the bathwater such as ACV and BS, and all is well.

    I sincerely hope that this share will help some people.

  • hey so I am only 13 and I play volleyball so the shorts don't really help but I have a really really bad discharge and it is really embarrassing and smells I try and wear pantie liners but I read on here not to idk what to do and I cant talk to my parents about it so please any help will be mostly grateful I love to wear dresses but am scared to because I don't want them to maybe smell or it go throw my underwear so please help I tried the tampon thing and it didn't really help for more than 2 days


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